How to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night: 5 Simple Tips

(Guest Post by ShrewdMommy) Many parents think that they should let their babies sleep as much as possible, but the truth is that children actually only need a certain amount of sleep depending on their age. Sleeping all night long without waking up allows kids to develop naturally and in good health. Some children develop a habit of waking up around midnight and find it difficult to go on sleeping. This is not ideal for their sleeping routines and parents are encouraged to change this to help their baby sleep through the night better.

Here are our 5 simple tips to help your baby sleep through the night!

  1. Be his/her time keeper

Below are the standard sleep times by month for babies:

1-month-old baby – Night time sleep 8.5 hours – day time sleep 8 hours

6-month-old baby – Night time sleep 10,5 hours – day time sleep 4 hours

12-month-old baby – Night time sleep 11 hours – day time sleep 2,5 hours

24-month-old baby – Night time sleep 11 hours – day time sleep 2 hours

So remember: don’t let your baby sleep too much in the day time in order to make him/her sleepy at night. If your baby tends to sleep more in the morning, wake them up by talking to them and with a gentle touch. Don’t let the early morning sun shine too much in the nursery either as this might make your baby wake up too early.

  1. Keep quiet when your baby sleeps

If it’s the early night, your baby may wake up suddenly and start to cry. Often, it is  due to an outside factor that makes them feel insecure or panic such as small noise,  talk, television … Although it is hard, we suggest to keep quiet (and ask everyone around to do the same) and to see if he/she will lull himself/herself to sleep naturally. In case he/she turns up or stands up on the couch, you just need to gently put her back, do not hold, lull or talk to your baby too much as he/she actually is still sleeping.

  1. Create the most suitable place for your kids

Your baby’s bedroom is an important factor that affects the quality of sleep. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the space and the equipment in the room. If your little one doesn’t like his/her bedroom, he/she maybe tend to fight sleep. Prerequisite is that the bedroom should be dark and cool. The ideal temperature for the baby is about 27 – 28 degrees centigrade. When your baby is 6 months, you might want to add several objects in his/her crib such as teddy bears or other soft objects. These little additionals will create a comforting environment to help your baby sleep through the night with more ease.

I highly recommend to also get your baby to sleep in bassinet because it will make more space for your baby and for you as well. You can place your baby’s bed right next to yours, but don’t share your bed with him/her.

Baby Sleep through the night in a bassinet
With a Fauhawke! Or is it a mullet?

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  1. Stop the habit of feeding your child for the night

Some children have a habit of eating in the night, and a mother’s mentality can sometimes be “whenever she wakes up, it’s time for a feeding”. Research shows that children 6 months or older do not need to be fed at night. If babies is sleeping while their digestive system is still working, it will produce substances that affect their sleep. Once your baby sleeps through the night, he or she will be able to adjust to eating more during the day.

Solution: If after 6 months baby is still asking for night feeding, you can start a gradual training program. (This can be a challenge your baby stays up to be fed we know.) First, we suggest to reduce the number of times you give a feed to your baby, then -over several weeks- to completely stop. Once he/she realizes that no milk for him/her, he/she will stop waking up and demand to be fed in the middle of the night.

  1. Let your baby sleep in a certain sequence

You can teach your baby a ‘special’ routine before going to bed. For example: dress your baby’s in their favorite clothes and place him/her in the bassinet or crib after turning off the lights. Before putting your baby in his/her bed, read a story or lullaby to help her baby’s senses slow down.

In addition, you also need to pay close attention to things that can encourage your baby to fall asleep. For example, for some babies, bathing can be a ‘medicine’ of great relaxation. Some other babies like to hear the sound of a fan …

Final Thoughts on Helping Your Baby Sleep Through the Night!

Having a good night is necessary for all children (and their parents). It’s the period of time for both the body and the brain to rest and to prepare for the next exciting day. If babies do not get enough rest, they will be very tired and grumpy. I hope my tips will help you and your baby sleep through the night.

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