Baby Travel Essentials: 18 Things Every Parent Needs

So as I’ve said before, we’ve booked our first family holiday! We’re going to Greece, Crete in September. It will be the first time little Kory has come on holiday with us, our first holiday abroad as a family of 3. This makes it Kory’s first holiday, his first time flying and his first time leaving the country. As his mum, I can tell you I am just as nervous about this as I am excited! I want to make this holiday as smooth and enjoyable as possible for us so I have written a list of what Baby Travel Essentials I am taking with us to Greece that I think will be helpful when travelling with our little one.

When it comes to Baby Travel Essentials, you don’t want to leave home without these.

Baby Travel Essentials: Must Haves!

✅ Dummies! (I know now that I do not want to be trapped on a plane with Kory without a dummy!)

Baby Travel Essentials Dummies

✅ Buggy

✅ Handheld toys (If your child has a favourite toy or teddy that they like, be sure to bring it with you to keep them entertained.)

✅ Baby blanket (I will be bringing Kory’s favourite blanket with us on holiday, not just incase he wants to sleep on the flight but also as a comforter. Something from home.)

Blankelts are a baby travel essentials

✅ Baby shampoo

Baby Travel Essentials: Nappies!

✅ Nappy bags

✅ Nappies

✅ Wipes

Baby Travel Essentials Wipes

Baby Travel Essentials: Mealtime!

✅ Drink/Bottle

✅ Snacks (Crisps, biscuits, fruit packs, ect) whatever it is that your child likes, just a little something to keep them occupied and stop them from getting hungry

✅ Disposable bibs (When you’re on holiday the last thing you want to be doing is trying to wash any used bibs or be trying to find somewhere to buy bibs whilst on holiday. These disposable bibs are cheap to buy and can just be thrown after use.)

Baby Travel Essentials Disposable bibs

Plastic spoons, knives and fork

Baby Travel Essentials: Fun in the Sun!

✅ Suncream (Make sure you use a high factor suncream on your child. Also be sure to check the uvb star rating because although a suncream may claim to be factor 50, it may only have a 3 star uvb rating, however, a factor 50 suncream with a 5 star uvb rating is a lot stronger.)

✅ Mosquito/insect repellent

Baby Travel Essentials Mosquito Repellent

✅ Swim nappies (Disposable or reusable) we are going on holiday for 7 days so I will be taking two washable swim nappies and 1 pack of disposable swim nappies.

Baby Travel Essentials swim nappies

Baby Travel Essentials: Clothes, Clothes, Clothes!

✅ Clothes (Lots of tshirts, vests, swimsuits and shorts. Babies are messy and you will want spare clothes.)

Baby Travel Essentials Clothes

✅ Hats (hats, hats and more hats. Hats are important for protecting babies and children from sun burn on their heads. Also Kory is really good at losing hats so it’s good to have spares.)

Baby Travel Essentials Hats

✅ Swimsuit

Baby Travel Essentials: Final Thoughts!

If you too are travelling with your baby for the first time, I hope this list of baby travel essentials helps to ease your journey.

Or maybe your a pro at travelling with little ones and have some tips you could share with us first timers!

I’d love to hear and thanks for reading.

Meet Kristi-Marie from wingingmummyhood!

Baby Travel Essentials wingingmummyhoodKristi-Marie is the mum to a beautiful baby boy named Kory and the blogger behind wingingmummyhood. As she says “I’m just winging motherhood one day at a time and enjoy writing about the experience” and on her blog, you’ll be able to follow her on that journey. You can also find Kirsti on Instagram @imkirsti.


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