Traveling with Toddlers: 7 Simple Tips from a Modern Nomadic Family.

Today, it’s our pleasure to introduce you an amazing traveling family we met on Instagram. Hailey Andresen is the founder of Household Mag and the co-creator of Mom and Dad Made a Podcast. She shares the most incredible glimpses of her family’s nomdic lifestyle in hopes to inspire more families to embrace travel. Today, she shares her 7 tips for Traveling with toddlers…

I get messages all the time about tips for traveling with toddlers, and while we certainly aren’t experts, by the time Owen turns two he will have visited seven different countries so we’re kinda, sorta on our way there. We don’t have everything figured out, but we do have a few travel rituals we swear by & I thought I’d share them here with you in case you’re taking a summer vacation & are feeling the stress.

Here they are: 7 Simple tips for Traveling with Toddlers….

• First and foremost, make it happen! Parents make excuses all the time for not traveling with kids, but it’s SO worth it. They might not remember all the details, but these experiences are shaping who they will be!

• Schedule your flights around their sleep schedules – we always try to take advantage of nap time / bed time in the air.

• Let your little one run around prior to boarding and don’t board early unless you HAVE to. The less time on the plane the better.

• Make traveling fun for them – pack their favorite snacks & pick up a small new toy or game specifically for the trip.

• ALWAYS pack a change of clothes for both you and your kiddo. I can’t tell you how awful it was to spend an entire day traveling to Costa Rica covered in puke. 🤢  Never Again!

• Travel with as little as possible. We’ve narrowed down baby gear to a stroller (in the early days it was our @sollybabywrap), but if your crew requires more, borrow/rent what you can at your destination.

• Okay, your turn! Best travel with kids tip – ready, set, go!

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Traveling with Todddlers - Hailey and Son
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Looking for tips for “packing simply for indefinite travel for both mom and baby? What about  “the secrets to booking an airbnb with a toddler”? Be sure to visit Hailey’s incredible blog Household Mag today and you can also find her on your favorite social media channels: FacebookPinterest & Instagram



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