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Going on holidays with a baby for the first time can be a daunting prospect. The idea of getting your baby out of routine, being on a plane packed full of passengers and all the STUFF that just accumulates every time you want to leave the house is well worth it when you reach your destination, sip on a cool cocktail and take a long exhale.  In our experience, travelling with babies doesn’t have to be a hassle and the younger your baby is when you travel it is often easier… less crawling around the plane! Plan your trip well with our top tips – sit back, relax and enjoy!

6 Tips for Planning Holidays with a Baby.

  • Pack smart

    We appreciate the days of packing light are long gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to pack the kitchen sink. Keep outfits for your baby simple… rompers / light babygrows and layer it up. Don’t forget if you are going somewhere REALLY hot, your baby will probably be most comfortable just in their nappy as opposed to the 12 fancy outfits they probably won’t wear.

  • Leave enough time

    Navigating your way through an airport with a baby is not fun.  Allow an extra 30 mins on top of what you would usually as they scan buggies, milk and medicines separately at security – all just adding up the time and stress if you’re short on time.

  • Drop & go parking

    We now find it easier to drive to airports and leave our car. Skip the long waits for shuttles that come with long stay car parks and use a service that allows you to drop your car in short stay right by the terminal. Afterwards, they park your car off site and bring it back to short stay when you land. It works well for us and is pretty economical too.

  • Pack your hand luggage wisely

    Milk/snacks for babies, entertainment (toys/iPad), muslins and spare outfits for you and them are key… cabin pressure can often lead to explosive nappies… enough said.

  • Must have travel products

    We’re not sure where we’d be without: snooze shade (the on the go blackout blind that universally fits on buggies) which allows you to go out for dinner in the evening. Vital baby sanitising water… a natural antibacterial spray that can go straight onto dummies, toys, bottles and is safe to be put in baby’s mouth. On the go blackout blinds – no one wants an early riser on holidays! A baby carrier so you can be hands free at the airport is a real win too for holidays with a baby.

  • Try not to stress

    A bit like us, our babies are out of sync and routine when in holiday mode. Try not to worry too much about time zone shifts and just get your baby onto local time like you do when you go holiday – babies will surprise you with how adaptable they are.

Ok, so holidays with a baby aren’t QUITE as relaxing as before… but they really are well worth it, especially when you get to sit back and look at photos of all the memories you’re making!

Meet Lucinda from Nurturing Mums!

Lucinda, Guest Author of Planning Holidays with a BabyLucinda Hutton is a new mum to baby Teddy. Although a lawyer by trade, her role as a mother has been her most challenging and an experience she is passionate to share with others.  Lucinda felt that there was a lot of antenatal advice available, but that practical advice post-baby was lacking and that Nurturing Mums fits in the bill in providing a support network for new mums and helpful, meaningful advice from experienced professionals.

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