Road Trip with Baby: 3 experts share 7 tips to make things easier!

Summer time is the perfect time to jump into the car and to start exploring the world. That is, until you remember you’re a parent, you have a baby and a road trip with baby is complicated matter. How about feeding? What about nap time? What to pack? How do I fit all that in the car? Is it worth the trouble?? Don’t worry, Kidbo is here to help you.

Three amazing family bloggers, Jamie from Creating Really Awesome Fun Things, Sarah from Explore as a Family, and Erin from Love, the Campbells share some of their top tips for a road trip with baby. Whether it’s a short daytime journey or a long travel plans, you’ll love their advice!!

“Road Trip with Baby” Expert: Jamie from Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

Tip #1: Bring your breast pump and clean extra bottles

Your boobs will thank you! Since you want to keep baby in the car seat for safety reasons, you aren’t really going to be able to breast feed unless you stop. I have a Medela freestyle pump that allows me to pump in the car. If you don’t have this, no worries… you’ll just have to pull over and take a pit stop. Oh and you might want to bring a bottle brush too.

Feeding Time during a Road Trip with Baby

Tip #2: Pack a separate car ride diaper bag

Jamie and Baby Guest Blogger on Road Trip with Baby
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And make sure you have plenty of diapers (1 per 2 hours you will be traveling is my rule of thumb) and wipes and extra clothes. Or you can just let baby sit in his diaper with no clothes! We ended up doing that a lot since we forget extra clothes. Another essential diaper bag item is a portable changing pad. (We have this one, and love it!) It’s perfect to change him in the car or on a picnic table or where ever.


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“Road Trip with Baby” Expert: Sarah from Explore as a Family

Tip #3: Plan ahead with Snacks and Activities!

Four Essentials for a Road Trip with BabySnacks and activities that are planned, purchased and packed in advance will make all the difference, especially if your road trip is a long one! We pack a lunchbox with fruit, veggies, hummus, cheese, dry snacks, and a puree pouch as well as a spill proof cup filled with water.

Before we left for Hawaii, I prepared for the flight by purchasing a few inexpensive toys from the dollar store and local baby store. I approach longer road trips in a very similar way!  Having a few new items in addition to your favorites, and giving them to your baby over the course of your drive will keep them distracted for longer. Need some ideas of what kind of toys will keep your little one entertained? Here are a few favorites for babies to preschool age kids:

For Baby:

  • Teething toys: we found the Nuby teething ring kept our daughter’s interest for a while. It had lots of little parts to look at and taste and the ring was fun to put on and take off of her arm. (*face palm*)
  • Stuffies: We brought one of the Lamaze toys to Greece and kept another one in the car at home at all times. It was a favorite – it crinkled, was soft, had contrast elements and lots of different textures.
  • Soft book: Another favorite, our daughter loved flipping through the pages. The book we had also had crinkling pages, flaps and other elements that were fun for her to play with. Skip hop has a few bright colourful soft books while Wee Gallery has a line of high contrast books.
  • Music: download your kids’ favorite movie soundtrack or some favorite nursery rhymes. Variety is the spice of life: try classical music for younger kids, it was like magic for our daughter!

 Tip #4: Take your Time

We realized early on that dead-heading from one destination to another was not going to make anyone happy.  Instead, we tried to change our attitude about driving to our destination – treating it more as a journey and taking the opportunity to spread out our picnic blanket or explore a new towns along the way.  If your little one is young enough you can manage to spend almost an entire “wake window” out of the car feeding, changing them and playing a bit to ensure they are drowsy when you get back behind the wheel. If your little one is older, breaks from the car work best if you can find a place for them to burn off some steam. Get your passenger to check out if there are any interesting things to see or do in the next few towns and enjoy the journey!

 Tip #5:  Time it Right

Baby Sleeping during Road Trip with Baby
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As much as possible we try to time our drive with nap or bed time. This way we can maximize the amount of time that the drive is peaceful and quiet. If we are driving at bedtime, we do our bedtime routine before we get in the car and make sure that the things we need to transition to the crib at our destination (sound machine, pack and play, fitted sheet etc.) are all easy to access.


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“Road Trip with Baby” Expert: Erin from Love, the Campbells

 Tip #6:  Keep lots of diapers, wipes, plastic bags and a change of clothes readily available.

As usual for any baby, there were lots of diapers that we went through.  There was also a small blow out that did require a change of clothes so make sure you have clothes nearby instead of just in the baby’s suitcase.  You may need them sooner than you think.  Speaking of blowouts…

 Tip #7:  Put a disposable changing pad underneath the baby before putting her into her car seat.

Road Trip with Baby Guest Blogger Love, the Campbells
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This was recommended by a friend and I never would have thought about it otherwise.  It was reassuring that we knew the car seat wouldn’t be soiled if Addison did have an accident through her clothes.  When it did happen (inevitable), we just tossed the disposable changing pad and put a new one in and the car seat was never dirtied.  Hallelujah!

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Let’s not forget one of our favorite times: Extra Ziploc bags. You never know when you might need them! There is no way around the planning and the preparations parents need for a road trip with baby and it’ll always be an adventure with surprises ahead. We hope these experts have inspired you and left you feeling ready to conquer the roads ahead, whether it’s a weekend drive or family road trip! If you have any “baby car ride” tips of your own, we’d love to hear them in the comments and wishing you all safe travels ahead!

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