Travelling with a Baby: 5 Tips for Solo City Trips

It’s time to talk about how to plan for your next solo trip into the city! Whatever you’re going in for, here are my “travelling with a baby” tips for your next city trip:

1.Plan the itinerary ahead.

Look at travel options beforehand. Train, bus, park and ride or carpark. Sometimes I go for the cheap option, and sometimes when it rains I just want to do what’s easiest!

2. Pack lightly but well.

Backpack for traveling with babyPack lightly but well. There’s a skill to this that takes time but it will come in hands for all your baby travel adventures. You need to prepare for all eventualities without bringing the whole nursery. If I am out for the day I’ll take a backpack with the following: foldaway changing mat, nappies, bags, wipes, hand sanitizer, spare breast pads and top, muslins to wipe up spills, rattle, plastic bag for dirty clothes, spare vest and sleepsuit, socks, hat, sun cream, emergency £10. You may need to add bottle feeding equipment into that mix too. Plus my keys and purse, phone, and a little tote bag for shopping. That all fits in my changing backpack, which is impressive considering I’m clearly a serial over-packer. If we are just popping down the road I’ll take a small bag with a nappy or 2, as we can always go home or grab something from a shop. Make your own list of what’s essential for you and your baby, and try and fit it in. Or have 2 adventures kits – little and large.

3.It’s all about the nap.

Do you need your baby to have a nap while you’re out and about? Probably. Ozzy naps for much longer in the pushchair, so often if he is overtired I’ll base my decision on this, but all babies are different.

Travelling with a Baby -Mom and a Pram

4. Make lunch plans.

Are you hoping to enjoy a lunch with two hands? You’ll need somewhere for the baby to sleep or play, whether it’s a highchair, a friend’s arms, your own lap or their pram/pushchair. It’s great to plan this beforehand if you can (you can even call ahead to enquire about highchairs), but for a spontaneous lunch this isn’t always possible – sometimes you just have to wing it.

5. Stairs and lifts!!

Will there be lots of stairs or are there plenty of lifts during this baby travel adventure? If you’re going somewhere new have a little look online and do your research. The Trinity in Leeds have plenty of well-positioned lifts but the shops on the high street don’t.

Next time you’re travelling with a baby by yourself to the city, just remember!


Travelling with a Baby in PramIt’s great to prepare like this, especially that first time! I do love a good planning session for those solo “travelling with a baby” moments, but we also love to leave the house spontaneously sometimes with just my purse and a sense of adventure. It is possible, but sometimes it takes a little practice to find your groove. However you do it, happy exploring to all of you. Babies make the best travel companions for any solo travelling parent! Don’t forget: a cute hat on a baby goes a long way towards help from strangers.

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