City Travel: 5 Articles Parents Must Read

Travel doesn’t always involve long distances, vacations or flights. For parents, city travel with children is part of our daily routines too. Dropping your kids off at the daycare center, using public transport to reach your kids favorite sporting event or even a bike ride through the neighborhood with your little one are also forms of city travel for parents.
To make your “Kid on Board” moments easier, we have selected our top 5 articles about travelling with kids around the city. We hope you enjoy!

6 Tips For Navigating A Big City With A Baby by Babble

This article by Lauren Jimson gives some first-hand insight on how to get around a big city with a baby. Most of these tips are applicable to all big cities but bonus points if you are interested in getting around NYC.

 Why Public Transportation Is Good For Kids by Grist

Not convinced public transportation is made for families and their kids? Allow Carla Salter to challenge that assumption in this article.

Pushchair Stories: Real Parents Open Up About Their First Day Out! by Kidbo Community

 City Travel - pram and strollers

A quote from our Instagram inspired so many lovely mums from our community to share their honest first pushchair “day out” stories. We were so touched by their spirit of support and solidarity that we wanted to capture their experiences in our very own “Pushchair Stories” here on Kidbo.

Take the stress out of driving with your newborn by Mother & Baby

Whether it’s your first trip out of the hospital with your newborn or simply a leisurely drive around town, Alex Davies of Mother & Baby shares some wisdom on how to keep your mind at ease and eyes on the road.

Cycling With Young Kids by Recreational Equipment Inc

Why drive when you can ride a bike? REI is an outdoor experts and in this article, they share easy tips to get your kids into cycling. Starting from an attachable bike seat for your newborn, REI walks you step-by-step through the entire progression until your kid can finally lose his or her training wheels and ride a bike on their own.

For your next city travel:

A stroller is definitely going to something you’ll need to look into. Check out this recent article for some great tips:

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