Top 5 Travel Tech Innovations That Your Family Will Love

Here at Kidbo, we strive to leverage technology to help make parenting simple. In keeping with this week’s travel theme, we have searched far and wide to bring you the most innovative travel tech products on the market.

We have chosen our favourite kid friendly products which we hope can help you to find new ways to reduce the stress of travel. Check out our list below.

  • Jet-set parent? No problem, here are a few travel tech innovations that make family air-travel easy:

    • How about a carry-on bag that doubles up as a baby stroller and changing table? The Born To Fly carry-on suitcase can support kids up to three or four years of age and is only two pounds heavier than a conventional carry-on suitcase. If that isn’t enough to convince you to leave your stroller at home when travelling, the bag also packs a battery that will help keep your mobile devices charged during long haul flights. In the case of an emergency, you can bust out Peppa the Pig videos on your tablet! For the full detail, visit their site here!

    • Terrible twos never mixed well with airplanes… come to think of it, what does mix well with terrible twos? JetKids BedBox will help your toddler sleep like a baby during flight. It doubles up as a carry-on luggage and in-flight bed/leg-rest! A former aircraft engineer and airline Captain, together with his wife, spent 6 years developing BedBox.
  • How soon before you give your kid a mobile phone? This gadget will push d-day out by a few years.

    • Founded by ex-investment bank professionals and couple Colleen and Steve, the Gator Watch is a wearable mobile phone and tracker made just for kids. Its exterior looks very much like a rugged watch built to last the day to day. On the inside, a built-in SIM card allows parents to track their kid’s location via a GPS mobile app and call pre-programmed numbers with a click of a button. The child simply has to click and talk into the device. For more information, visit techsixtyhour’s website here
  • High-tech strollers anyone?

    • gb Pockit is the world’s smallest folding stroller (Guinness World Records 2014) and weighs under 11 pounds! Here is the official site which gives you all the specs by clicking here! Check out this dad putting a gb Pockit stroller into action:
  • For those of you who are into the outdoors, check out this military-grade baby carrier by Mission Critical.

    • For the outdoor parents out there, this baby carrier by Mission Critical is made from durable materials and has an amazing sleek modular design. It allows you to mix and match all sorts of accessories such as a daypack, foldable pouches and insulated bottle holders.  Click here for their website and here is a funny promo video so you get the idea:

Do you have a favourite travel tech product for parents that we missed? We’d love to hear from you! Share your own products by adding a comment below. You can also reach us on Instagram @kidboco by using #kidbo and tagging us on your posts.

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