Pushchair Stories: Real Parents Open Up About Their First Day Out!

“Don’t be afraid to venture out with the pushchair! It is daunting at first but there is so much to do out there, you’ll soon be a pro at journeys out with the little one” shared by @mybabygroupies

The above quote from our Instagram inspired so many lovely mums from our community to share their honest first pushchair “day out” stories in the comments. We were so touched by their spirit of support and solidarity that we wanted to capture their experiences in our very own “Pushchair Stories”. Please join us below as our community shares some of those real “Kid on Board” moments which we hope will continue to inspire you for all of your next adventures by strollers.

Pushchair Stories: “Helping Hands”

Pushchair Stories - themiddlemama
Visit her Instagram: themiddlemama

@themiddlemama: “Going out with the buggy is second nature for me now but I remember the first few times I used it, I kept crashing into things and was so bad at navigating it! They’re bigger than you think! Also, I remember my first time on the bus, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing! A lovely grandma told me that she could see I was a ‘new driver’ and gave me some top tips. I still think about her whenever I get on the bus now 👵🏻”

@samheathcock: “I remember gripping the handle bar of the pushchair so tight my knuckles were white as I was still in pain from the birth! I was so tired and scared that utter nonsense would come out my mouth and I remember also buying a full-fat coke to pep me up (now a staple as I have a crazy toddler to keep up with). I was so nervous in case Elliott started to cry but a lovely lady chatted to me in Aldi (looking back she probably saw the fear in my eyes) and suddenly I wasn’t so scared anymore.” Be sure to visit her page at Wrinkle Wrinkle Little Star

Pushchair Stories - allmumstalk
See more on Instagram: allmumstalk

@allmumstalk: “Gosh, my buggy is the shopping carrier, the heavy lifting superstar, the kid’s best friend, I feel my hands empty when I don’t have it…😅💚”

@nourishthekids: “With Henry, we went to a coffee shop and as we were leaving it started pouring down with rain. So my partner ran home to get the car.  I can remember trying to pack the pram up and put it in the car on a one way Street! I was getting really anxious because I couldn’t fold the pram down and there were toots from the cars building up! 😟😟 Lucky my mum was there! She was letting them know this was my first time putting the pram away haha. But all that in the pouring rain was not fun! Now I’m definitely a pro at the fold down. Under 5 seconds! Haha. 🎉🎉”


Pushchair Stories: “I Remember Being Really Nervous”

@Healinggraciesgut: “Oh god, I remember being really nervous”

Pushchair Stories - mothers.wellness.toolkit
See more on Instagram: mothers.wellness.toolkit

@mothers.wellness.toolkit: “I remember feeling like such a fraud the first time I ventured out on my own with a pushchair! Like play acting!”

@thepsychologymum: “It snowed for six weeks heavily when my son was born! For the first trip out, I was scared I would slip on ice as it was so treacherous and the ice stalactites were so bad, I was scared one was going to fall off and hurt my new baby. So I quickly headed indoors to a shopping centre instead, which was much more relaxing.”

@keepingmummighty: “Terrifying! They are so tiny and fragile and those carry cots seem so big. Then suddenly 8 weeks later they’ve outgrown it!”

Pushchair Stories: “Felt like we were climbing Everest!”

@thisbrightonmum: “It was 7 days after the baby was born and we went to a local coffee shop. Felt like we were climbing Everest!”

Pushchair Stories - bridiebythesea
See more on Instagram: bridiebythesea

@bridiebythesea: “Amen to that! I went to the local park and it felt like a real milestone :)” Be sure to visit Bridget’s blog by clicking here to hear more of her parenting adventures in Brighton!

@ourlifeourmemory: “Remember those firsts days I was out with the pushchair. Now it’s all easier.”

@adventures.of.a.natural.family: “It can be so scary in the beginning to venture out!”

@baby_moose_diaries: “It’s is extremely daunting planning going out with a pram! I remember the first few times but you just get used to it.”

@apple_franca: “I went out with my pram on the first day I was home with my firstborn! We just sold our flat and had to get mortgage stuff finalised. Needs must!”


Pushchair Stories: “Get pushing!”

Pushchair Stories - littlefamilylondon
Sad “last day of maternity leave” face. See more on Instagram: littlefamilylondon

@lazysondays: “I used to avoid going out with the pushchair like the plague. Soon,  I realised it’s also a cot, highchair, mule, straitjacket… what’s not to love?! Get pushing!” Visit her blog by clicking here.

@littlefamilylondon: “Oh yes, I remember being so anxious the first time I took the pushchair onto the bus. But I loved walking everywhere with it – for some reason it made me walk much faster and more purposefully; I’m not sure why..”

@thehealthcoachmom: “I always travelled with the stroller I was a pro! Not anymore actually this last trip was the first one without it!”

Pushchair Stories - happytoddlerplaytime
See more on Instagram: happytoddlerplaytime

@babyfoodideas: “We keep them home the first few weeks after birth (paranoia!), but yes! The first time out us so scary! I find baby steps effective. Start with a walk around the block, then venture out further.”

@happytoddlerplaytime: “My daughter was born in June and we walked everywhere in our neighbourhood! Our stroller has seen all types of weather and been half way across the globe and back and is still going!”



So to all the new parents out there, remember that there are so many people who understand and are willing to offer a helping hand. It is absolutely ok to be really really nervous, you’re not the only one that feels like you’re climbing Mount Everest on your first day out. It will get easier with time, just keep pushing till then!

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