A Dad’s Perspective on the Evolution of your Stroller Needs

A stroller purchase in the parenting world is a big ticket item and big ticket items tend to overwhelm. We were lucky enough to have a one on one with a dad that figured it out. He pretty much cracked the code and purchased a top of the line stroller that checked off all the boxes that matter. We wanted to get his thoughts and share tips that can help others going through the same process.

As far as big ticket items are concerned, you’re likely familiar with a few notable examples: house, car, appliances, TV etc.. The agony of these purchasing decisions usually stems from the notion that these items not only cost a tonne but are also meant to last a long time. The risk factor is much higher and thus the time spent investigating these decisions increases accordingly so. Strollers are big business and downright confusing with price ranges from as little as $20 to well over $1,000 and packed with features like headlight, speedometers, and thermometers- to name a few.

The lingo

Consumer reports have a solid write up on what to look for when making a stroller purchase. It comes down to:

  • Ease of use – Whether you need an advanced degree to work the thing
  • Manoeuvrability – How effective you will be at moving around slow moving pedestrians
  • Safety – Does it adhere to the latest federal safety standards?
  • Folded size – This affects where you can potentially store your item
  • Weight – If you plan to lug this thing around by yourself, every pound counts

First six months vs after

Our dad learned this tidbit the hard way. After landing on a relaxing island getaway an airline check-in returned his perfectly researched and vetted stroller back to him in two separate pieces. This is not the two for one special you’re looking for when you need to move around with an 8-month-old. Our super dad was back at step 1 and it turns out that many of the indispensable features that matter during the first 6 months of infancy are completely worthless later down the line.

Dad and stroller

Exhibit 1- Detachable bassinet

That detachable bassinet that doubles down as a car seat, which happens to be a critical feature while you move your sleeping infant during the first 6 months, matters much less now that your baby is able to sit upright. Instead, opt for something roomier with much more support and cushioning.

An Extra 10 lbs

Weight is always a critical factor when looking at various stroller models, however 6 months into the mix after your little one has added an extra 10 lbs, those lightweight strollers are ever more appealing. Especially for city parents who have to navigate through a congested metropolis.

Space. Space. Space.

Storage space is your best friend when it comes to strollers. Between the formula, extra outfits, diapers, wet wipes and an assortment of gadgets and tools you will have to carry around, you are looking for a stroller that is able to balance both storage options and overall size.

Strap him in tight!

As your little one grows and becomes more aware and curious of his environment and the people in it, keeping him restrained, entertained, comfortable and safe are the primary objectives.

You simply can’t get around it. If you plan on moving around with your child, you will need to invest in a stroller. Consider the options that are important to you, how old your little one is, and try not to let it stress you out too much.

If you have any tips that you think will help other parents, please make sure to leave a note in the comments!!

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