6 Tips for Surviving a Flight With a Baby: 3 Travel Experts Share Their Secrets.

Everything we know about flying changes the moment we travel with a “Kid on Board”. Well, Kidbo is here to help! 3 amazing travel experts share some tips on how to survive a flight with a little one. Whether it’s your first flight or you’re a frequent flyer, you’re going to want to read this!

2 Flight Tips from Monet Hambrick from The Traveling Child


6 Tips for Surviving a Flight With a Baby: thetravelingchild.co
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Select the right airline: Some airlines really cater to families while others make you feel like your child is a burden. Read my review on Qatar Airlines to find out the type of airline you want to be flying when traveling with your kids. Although we haven’t flown the following airlines, they received some amazing feedback on our Instagram conversation on the best airlines to fly when traveling with your kids:

  • Domestic Flights: JetBlue/Hawaiian/Alaska/Southwest
  • International Flights: Emirates/Air Canada/Norwegian

You can view the post here to read the personal stories from parents who’ve flown these airlines and others with their kids.

*Bassinet Once you book your flight call the airline to reserve a bassinet. This will allow you to sleep hands-free as your infant will have their own bed. Usually the weight limit is 25lbs but honestly, even if your baby is over the weight limit or refuses to sleep in the bassinet you will be very thankful for the extra leg room you get with the bulkhead seat and the storage basket the bassinet becomes :-).

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2 Flight Tips from The Worldwide Webers


6 Tips for Surviving a Flight With a Baby: theworldwidewebers.com
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Sleep Manipulation: (insert evil laugh) Prior to our flights, you can find me sitting in a room scheming like Mr. Burns whispering “excellent, Sunday, excellent”. Yes I’m seeking help for this, but in the meantime, my sleep manipulation tactics have worked. If booking the flight during nap-time isn’t possible, then I mess with that day’s sleep schedule so that she’s tired for the flight. I might wake her up a bit early from sleep, or cut her morning nap a little short. All in the name of her being tired enough to nurse and pass out in her dark baby cave created by my nursing cover.


Nurse Nurse Nurse Nurse Nurse: (extra points if done to the theme of Rhianna’s “work work work work work”) As Coach Taylor would say, full mouths, big bellies, can’t lose. We all know how magical boobs are, but they are truly extraordinary at 30,000ft. Between getting your baby’s jaws to open to reduce ear discomfort to filling them up with night-night juice (very different than Mommy’s special night-night juice) I’ve found nothing to be as effective at keeping the airplane gremlin away like nursing does.

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2 Flight Tips from Sarah from Explore As A Family


*Carry Ons: Every adult is entitled to their own carry on (such as a duffle bag or small piece of luggage) and personal item (think backpack, briefcase, or purse). Your infant can bring a small carry on (for example, a diaper bag or small cooler) as well. Within your infant’s carry on you can pack any flight necessities and any food that your baby might require. Do not hesitate to bring everything you believe you will need up and more (take into account layovers and potential delays) including:

  • boiled or distilled water for bottles,
  • formula,
  • breast milk or whole milk
  • pureed baby food and other snacks (stick to store bought).

Keep your food in a separate Ziploc bag or cooler so that it’s easy to take out during security screening.  Remember to check YES on your customs declaration form that you are bringing food into the country. 

*Flying Time! (Part 1)

6 Tips for Surviving a Flight With a Baby: exploreasafamily.com
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I have found take off and landing to be the most challenging parts of flying with a busy baby.  Having to have them on your lap, seated and in the burping position for an extended period of time when they really just want to be not sitting still is tough.  I find this to be the time when a little one is the fussiest and I am the most panicky. (Seriously if your baby is upset now, how will the next x number of hours go!?!?). Inevitably though, once we are in the air and we can move around, things always seem to work out. While they recommend having the baby in the burping position, you can also breastfeed or bottle feed your baby. Both can help relieve any pressure that can happen with changes in altitude.

*Flying Time! (Part 2)

Once you are in the air and the seatbelt sign is turned off you can stand, use your carrier, walk the aisles, change a diaper, or take down your tray table to serve some snacks. Alternate between parents, offer new toys on occasion, walk the aisles if need be and try to squeeze in a little nap time. Hopefully, all that running and crawling before the flight has tuckered them out! No matter what happens, you will survive and chances are it won’t be half as painful as you’re anticipating!!

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At Kidbo, our goal is to help make parenting simple any way we can. A huge thank you to these amazing parents for these useful tips! We hope their advice makes the skies a little more inviting for your next family trip. We’d love to hear your own flight experiences/tips in the comments. Join our story on Instagram too by using our hashtag #kidbo and tagging @kidboco!

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